Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Trinity of the Shadow Warriors

The utilization of the full spectrum of emotions available to a fighter, in a any prolonged conflict, is crucial to its very success. Love of your family, fear of loosing the capacity for their sustenance, anguish over the tragedy of modernity, and the deep seated anger that stems from the awakening of the folk soul within this present quagmire is a vibrant manifestation of being alive and healthy in the current reality we are forced to contend with. Although the detached warrior archetype seems to be very attractive to a lot of activists in our movement, specially those who are influenced by the more "eastern" strands of esotericism, most of its proponents don't realize how conflicting to the indigenous European mind this approach can be. If we are to make any inroads whatsoever in this fight, we must make this entire endeavor a personal affair. We are not struggling against some 'impersonal' force who wishes to see us subjugated, we are instead confronting an enemy who wants to personally eradicate you, your children, your parents, and your grandchildren from the face of this earth. We are combating a counterpart who wishes to take our property, our dignity, our means of survival and even erase our memory from history. If we don't take this attack personally (because it is!), if we don't use our entire arsenal of emotions in response to this threat, we will all die like the miserable wretches we have become...and we will deserve it.

Today, those of us who are of Euryan descent (Native European), and are awake to the fact of our current organized genocide and dispossession, must be conscious of the fact that we are in a state of Total War. The modern world is not a mere inconvenience, nor a political issue to decode, nor a passing discomfort, nor an issue we can run away from by changing locations. We are clearly in the middle of an all-out cosmic exoteric/esoteric war that is manifested not only in the struggle for the actual existence of our race but also in the preservation of the actual forces of nature which are archetypal in all healthy living beings. Our enemy (a multitude as one legion) represent absolute dissolution, chaos and destruction of reality itself. They advocate for the transcendental break up of natural law, for the eradication of natural principles, and the extinction of anything that does not submit to said goals. Their philosophies and theologies are life-denying in their countless phases, and their practical implementation is absolutely purposeful. Their culture is one of forgetfulness, disrespect, fragmentation, atomization, escape, pathological utopianism, and aggressive superficiality. Their society is one of shame, humiliation, blindness, and isolation. All of their public output is about relativity, ignominy, putrefaction, pleasure (for its own sake), weakness, and slavery. Their gods don't reflect natural reality either, but instead pretend to stand outside of it (all of their myths point to this fact). Their inborn hatred of reality (truth), which stems from their urban depravity, is all promulgated with the emotional triggers of "freedom", "liberty", "equality", "peace", and countless other slogans, all of which aim at stupefying the recipient with "good feelings" while simultaneously stripping him/her of their dignity, identity, and very soul.

Those of us who truly understand that our fight is not only one of racial/ethnic survival, but also about sustaining the very integrity of the cosmic strands within the natural universe, know that we must engage in this war with absolute passion and dedication. Passion is the key to this fight because without it we will lose sight of our purpose and be easily mislead into a fantasy world of "escape" and "tranquility". This is why I have always affirmed that without a disciplined vanguard that is educated on the cosmic significance of our war, we will have a confused and misdirected gang of fighters, instead of the deservedly terrifying brotherhood of Shadow Warriors we must become. Thus, identifying our values, on an esoteric level, helps us understand the greater context of our struggle and eventually turn it into a material reality. Having a well formed elite at the head of this multifarious army makes sure that we are all on the right path. My main objective with all of my articles lies primarily on the education, rearing and unleashing of said officer corps.

Although the aim of this article is to simply point out the right tools to focus on during this war, I do think it is necessary to at least point out the basic purpose of our cosmic struggle. We must realize that to be in tune with natural reality, we have to be in tune with Euryan reality. Nature is neutral towards all beings because there is no inherent anthropological morality in the mechanics of reality itself (reality is not custom-made for any being in particular). Each creature develops their own morality system, a real necessity in any animal society, but for said rules to be healthy for an established group, these mores MUST be in tune with the inherent natural structure of the universe itself (we could try to create moralities that shun gravity, for example, but they would be suicidal) and they also should be in harmony with each particular biological context (i.e. amphibian vs. mammal morality). Thus, to correctly identify if our moral doctrines are healthy and don't stem from the whimsical speculation of mad philosophers, we have to know what the basic ground rules are in our frame of reference. I will thus here utilize terms to describe what I consider inherent natural laws, neutrally accurate to all conscious creatures, no matter the context. These terms not only carry their expected literal meaning imparted to us through language, but also symbolic ones as well (a higher level of understanding). I am positing them in their relevant sequential structure; order, struggle, passion, love, hate, strength, victory and survival. A way of weaving these concepts together into a whole would be thus: Within chaos there is primal order, and between all conflicting forces we must encounter struggle, within struggle deep passion grows, and within passion we find the deeper emotion of love, and through love we grow to hate that which threatens it, and only with said hatred will strength become truly manifested, and only through said strength will our victory be achieved, and victory only means survival of the whole genome itself.

It is in those eight words that true 'strength through joy' is found (the eight rune of the Elder Futhark speaks volumes on this!). It is in our understanding of natural cosmic reality, and how those symbols relate to the very fabric of the universe itself, that we find our true calling and the encapsulation of our core fight. Our enemies, who represent the opposite of these natural values, are here to propose an alternate result in which reality itself is destroyed. Their every slogan and act aims at submerging the entire universe in a blanket of disorder, submission, apathy, neutrality, acceptance, weakness, defeat and extinction. It is therefore very clear that our aims and purposes are diametrically opposed to theirs, and we must clearly understand this fact if we are to be immune to their manipulations. 

The degenerate kings who rule the masses of robots who roam our cities, and who submissively accept their anti-natural "virtues", know that their propaganda is destructive, which is why they willfully try to keep in tune with natural truths while they simultaneously pollute our minds. With discipline, they believe they can achieve their ultimate subconscious and archetypal goal of dissolving existence itself (their religious expressions actually admit this is their goal!). They are well oiled hypocrites and liars. They are urbanized merchants of death on every level, who constantly dream of seeing all that is beautiful unceremoniously wiped out of existence. They are anti-matter when we are matter. They are chaos when we are order. Their contamination of the earth, their mixing of races, their advocacy of depraved sexualities, their globalization, their mechanization of social interactions, and their future of steel and concrete is all an exoteric expression of their filthy chaotic hearts. 

Furthermore, it is of transcendental importance that we realize the fact that our enemies are not powerful due to their strength, intelligence, ruthlessness, nor any other natural prowess meritorious of respect, but instead solely rely on the fact that we are weaker than ever before in our history and have ourselves allowed them to acquire their positions of power with ease. They are victors by default. As a practical example, Detroit is today nothing more than a under-developed African jungle, but no sensible observer would affirm that it is because of black military conquest or black ingenuity, instead we all know it happened because Euro-Americans abandoned the city built by their forebears to their new sub-humanoid dwellers. As Native Europeans, we have unfortunately furthermore abandoned not only our lands, masculinity, honor, and self respect to our racial competitors, but we have worst of all abandoned our children, our ancestors and our whole future to a cabal of pathetic and conniving Middle Eastern mongrels bent on our demise.

So what tools do we innately have at our disposal that can be honed for this war? What has the cosmos given our people to effectively face their gods of chaos, their disintegrating energy, and their masses of robotic zombies?

We have been thankfully given access to the very energy of nature itself. We thus cannot disconnect from this power reservoir by seeking detachment. Instead, we must aspire to actually attach ourselves to the very stream of raw strength provided by the universe itself. 

The following list encompasses the three main weapons at our disposal, provided by the gods of order and natural truth. I shall call them the Trinity of Conquest:

1. HATRED = We must learn to strip away the enemy programing that has infected our minds with the deception that hatred is a "negative" emotion. Hatred is one of the most powerful emotions in our natural arsenal and we MUST use it effectively. Hatred is not a wild emotion without sense but a controlled flow of energy that directly stems from the instinctual realization that something/someone is a real and transcendental threat to the very well-being of what you deeply and truly LOVE. If you don't hate what threatens what you love, then you don't know what love is. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that we learn to deeply love our race (that complex web of ancestors, ourselves, and our current/future progeny) so that our intense hatred for our enemies can grow to a deeper personal level. Without harnessing this natural emotion, we will lose. True hatred makes you strong, vital, energetic, and obsessive. It gives you the focus necessary to train, strategize, plan and eventually defeat the object of your disdain with maximum violence and prejudice. Therefore, always work to clearly identify who (and what) our enemy is, and hate it/them unconditionally for the right reasons. Hate those who wish to eliminate your children, your ancestor's memory, your lands and your future. Allow said hatred to become a battering ram of unlimited power and direct it slowly but surely at the complete destruction of all that threatens not only our own people and our families, but the cosmic order itself.

2. VENGEANCE = We must dedicate all of our energies to reap vengeance upon those who have conspired and worked endlessly to create this modern world, full of ugliness, sickness and disorder. We must constantly deepen our desire to exact vengeance upon our enemies and to seek out diverse ways of making said payback become manifest. Only through an intense desire for revenge can we have the needed stamina to carry this fight all the way to our victorious finality. Revenge is an objective with its own merit and a loud battle cry of immense motivation. We must pass this intense desire for vengeance on to our future generations as well, so that it becomes a strong focus of their own existence to finally achieve it for all of our sakes. Understand that it is never enough to overcome our foes, it is also crucial that our sense of cosmic justice imbues us with an intense desire to see our enemies crushed, overwhelmed, and totally erased. What our enemies (both masters and slaves) have done to our people, and all peoples of the earth for that matter, is beyond reprehensible, it is beyond inconvenient, it is beyond criminal, it is a transparent and total affront to our very existence and that of our progeny. Vengeance will and must be ours!

3. PATIENCE = This last part of the trinity is key, because without it we will lose sight of our true objectives. "Revenge is a dish best served cold" is a very wise statement. We must have the patience to fight the small skirmishes with ardent enthusiasm but always prepare for the bigger ones to come. We may lose some battles, as all European people did in 1945 for example, but we must have a wider scope of view and understand that the war is still raging, now more than ever before. We cannot let small defeats weaken our resolve. I assure you that our time to strike the final blow will arrive, but for that sweet moment to come, that instance when our overwhelming might will turn modernity to a fine ash, we must first learn the patience needed to slyly guide our enemies to the hard boiling flames of our vengeance. It does not matter if it takes us 10,000 years! Immersed in the power source of anger and revenge, we must patiently and effectively plan, conspire, strategize, organize, divert, deceive, confuse, and use any method necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of victory. We must have no dogma that stifles this objective, we must have no other goal than the survival of our genome on this earth, by all means necessary. This requires the viciousness, planning, and stamina to take this into a long term fight and not a short term gratifying battle. If a conflict is better lost now to later on win the overall war, then it must be done. If some gratification must be sacrificed in the present for a beneficial result in the future, then it shall be. If we lose today, we should be already preparing for the next round. Doing whatever it takes to win and survive is the only thing that nature requires of us all. Unlike other extinct species, our will to power and survival will not be stopped.

It is thus imperative that the above trinity of emotions become part of our understanding of how to fight. The eight elemental concepts mentioned before it are crucial to the understanding of why we fight at all. 

As a people, we must envision, dream, ritualise and literally put into effect our goal of Total Vengeance through Absolute Hatred and with the Calculating Patience to achieve it. We must identify those things that are part of our enemy's tools and banish them from ourselves. We must work in tandem and separately to create the right field of combat for our cause and goals. We must hate our enemies with all of our hearts and all of our souls. We must have the patience and cunning to put our stratagem into action. We must utilize all sorts of systems, movements, and religions necessary to pollute their plans and bring ours to fruition. Nothing will stop our battalions from reaching their citadels...and we will indeed burn them to the ground!

To achieve any of this, I again underscore that we must finally learn to use our primal instincts and emotions to bring forth a war on all levels and on a scale never fathomed by our foes. Remember that most of them today are resting in their cribs of power and are openly arrogant about their prospects of future domination. We must use this to our advantage and get stronger because of it. Those who are arrogant in their positions of comfort are always easily deceived by those hungry for power and victory, working in the shadows with the passion of their hatred, hungry for revenge. They will thus continue to assume that no one can (nor will) challenge their reign, while we continue to grow stronger every day, every minute, in the shadows of their matrix. It is our hatred of modern society that feeds our lust for total overcoming, it is our intelligence and stamina that will help us drown them in their dungeons of gold.

While they proclaim us as evil and wicked in their cultural propaganda, we must utilize this precise elemental fear in their hearts against them, since it is a deep expression of their weak points. Ironically, our enemies are sometimes much better at identifying us than we are, because their archetypal outputs are connected to the same reality we all live in. Always keep a sharp eye on their villains and learn from them. We must use their terror and their symbolic methods of expressing it to our eventual advantage. While they besmirch our heroes and label them as "evil monsters", we must revel in their weakness and pettiness while utilizing some of these monsters as our allies. We must learn to correctly utilize the aesthetics of power and the swagger of "evil" to their peril and our energetic advantage.  It is their fear and dread of our return to cosmic dominance that must also feed our hearts with the enjoyment of eventually watching them squirm in panic while we aggressively implement their defeat and summon their demons. We will forever be diligent, and forever be in a state of war with these vermin, for millions of cycles, in different forms and different realities, without rest, because this dynamic is never ending until we are dominant or are extinct. We will make sure that they are soon reminded of their ancient dread of Euryan man, intuitively remembered by all other races, when we finally reaffirm our favorite and most skillful art: WAR.

To paraphrase Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard: "But I say unto you, love thy kindred, love thy friends, love thy self and hate thine enemies with a whole heart...permit no wrong to be done to thee or thine, to pass unchallenged, unredressed, unavenged." We should never allow these principles to remain limited at the immediate gratification of our individual will. Never forget that these principles of nature are applicable to both collective and personal realities. To become better among ourselves we must also cull out our weak and lazy, and thus cover all bases necessary to always grow sharper. This process of growth and struggle is eternal and you must never fall prey to the belief that it can be postponed or relinquished. 

Eventually, we will all surely get our most deserved personal revenge thanks to our collective and individual efforts, because even if it happens when we are physically gone, we will surely be present in spirit and through our descendants. 

War is eternal! Hail Victory!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Divide and Conquer: Strength in Division

It has been a most lauded concept of anti government activists, and popular libertarians, that the state always wishes to "divide and conquer" its citizens by fragmenting all groups that may oppose it and thus facilitate their stranglehold on power. This accusation is often applied to the supposed purposeful division of racial, economic, and political groups across the spectrum. It is therefore an almost generally accepted idea that when we ourselves foster "divisions" within a political movement (within society itself!), or when we actually advocate for our own ethnic group, we are somehow aiding the state in staying in control to the detriment of all. What is horribly ironic about this particular line of thinking is that it is actually in lockstep with the whole purpose of the power they claim to advocate against. I will here propose that it is indeed the complete opposite which is true. The state that truly intends to overwhelmingly control the population only desires absolute unity within it. They envision a nation without ANY racial nor ethnic divisions, without ANY political movements (except their own monolithic ones) and without ANY clearly identified social fragmentation. It is in unity that the powerful state thrives and not in division.

Why then do so many activists and racialists follow the line of the liberal state by advocating for absolute unity of purpose and absolute single monolithic centralization of the struggle, against the very same enemy whose interest lies in having an easily identified opposition to crush? Where does this term "divide and conquer" come from?

Without going too deeply into history, it is clear from even a superficial investigation into the phrase itself that this concept stems from the military arena. The context in which it was originally applied is the key to my argument. The people who considered "divide and conquer" as an actual legitimate stratagem always came from outside of the state in question and not originally from within. Their targets were both ordinary citizens and the leadership itself (people with actual power on their subjects). The military commander would sow distrust among the population, argue against the capacity of their leaders, and thus advocate for multiple factions to develop against it. This would thus debilitate the state and make it an easy target for the enemy. As can be very clearly deducted from this, the purpose was to DEBILITATE the targeted state via division and fractionalism, violating the very principle of a functioning state which is UNITY and single pointed directness.

Obviously, this strategy will work wonders for a foreign enemy, but it would be absolute lunacy and ridiculousness for the state to do it against itself. If you belong to a state you actually support and consider an essential part of your very being, then the preaching of unity and the struggle against factions is indeed a logical thing to do. On the other hand, if you belong to a state which you actually despise then your strategy must be its fragmentation because your political victory can only lie in the multiplication of its enemies. Therefore, the unity discourse is antithetical to the aim of toppling a state that is your avowed enemy. In our case, our modern European (and American) states are indeed controlled by our opposition and most people become aware of this exactly for the very reason pointed above; because our governments constantly advocate, directly and/or through their media surrogates, the ideology of "unity" in all aspects of society. They besmirch ethnic identity for the sake of multicultural identity (the purpose of this is to eventually homogenize the population), they insult political views when they diverge from the established context of their mainstream parties (they will actually only talk about said views in a framework that presents them as anti-social and aberrant), and they definitely utilize all their finances to force interbreed every citizen no matter their class (with countless systems of welfare and other public aid) and hopefully integrate all members of society into a single mass of (brown) consumer slaves. This is our current reality on an almost worldwide basis.

I am yet to find a Native European (White) activist who actually loves their state and wishes to preserve it. Until I actually encounter one, hearing arguments about 'unity of purpose', ' unity of strategy' and 'unified fronts' are all a waste of time. Also, we must never argue the case for the state by criticising the very strategy which serves as our only salvation from gaining and conquering our own state. We are thus in an obligation to indeed divide and conquer the very governments that aims to genocide our entire people. Anybody who argues against this, who fights for the sake of "racial solidarity", "political unity", "ethnic understanding" and any other catchphrase manufactured by the state, must be shunned as a vehicle and officer of the very entity we are aiming to eradicate. I have recently even come across those who, for the sake of this same elusive and oxymoronic 'unity', have become allies of people who would actually love to kill and rape their children if the opportunity arose. The 'enemy of my enemy' is not always my friend.

The more targets the state has to investigate, persecute, keep track of, complain about, create propaganda against, the more their resources are strained, the more their manpower can't handle it, the more complex the web of their deceit becomes, and the easier it is for us to destroy them in the long run.

So, if the above is true, as I believe it is, then I am here to propose a list of important guiding posts for a successful management of the political and ideological struggle we face and how to better address it. Life is indeed war, and an effective war must be waged with at least a conceptualized field in which said battles (and preparation) must take place.

I am calling this effort the Strength in Division campaign.

1. ETHNO PARTICULARISM is key to European survival

For far too many years Europe has been divided into fictitious and arbitrary borders that are not necessarily dictated by actual ethnic boundaries but by either monarchical acquisitions or treaties entered into without any consideration (nor consent) of those who lived within said territories. A similar situation can be found in the Middle East which is still suffering from this same problem. Countless ethnic and tribal lines have been violated by colonizing powers and corrupt chiefs in said region, to the point in which actual Ethnic Nations have been divided into two or even three Civic "Nations" (Africa is another horrific example of this). This dynamic must be rejected and absolutely relegated to the past in Europe. Any "nationalist" movement which advocates such artificial heterogeneous unity is indeed our absolute enemy (Spain is a problematic example of this). These so called "nationalists" of the civic kind are without a doubt cut from the same dress as modern liberals, Marxist internationalists and other assorted cosmopolitan degenerates of modernity and are the most horrid Trojan Horses we could ever envision. If you are a tribe/nation, with its own identity, language, history, and racial characteristics, you have a fundamental obligation to create your own state and preserve territorial unity for said population. The return of revolutionary nativism is of utmost importance.

For us, strategically, this must be one of the most important ways to approach the successful fragmentation of the corrupt states that rule us. The more ethnic/tribal identities fight and achieve the breakup of their current dominating states, the better for us in the long run. This also means that we must participate in this process to the benefit of our long-term effort, which is the preservation of the European genus on this earth and the further sustenance of every European ethnicity within it. For this to work to the best possible outcome, we must have activists in every single tribe to help direct their ethnic argument into the realm of 'biology/race' as the foundation of said tribal identities. We must always argue that defining these identities on a biological basis will protect them from the exact same multicultural problem from which they are now separating themselves.

The key slogan for this approach is therefore: ANTI GLOBAL - PRO LOCAL

2. IDEOLOGICAL PARTICULARISM is key to political survival

This aspect is a bit touchier because it tends to run counter to traditional conceptions of how power functions. At first glance, the idea that we are losing our nations because of "lack of unity in the nationalist movement" seems reasonable and well founded, although I nonetheless disagree. At this point in our fight, we are not a well organized 'army' with impeccably trained 'soldiers', nor do we have settled 'lines of supply' and deep pockets to support our efforts. We are in fact a 'guerrilla' in most ways than many would like to admit (we are probably closer to a resistance network). We can't approach this fight in a centralized fashion but in a cellular way. This applies to the ideological conflict in which we find ourselves embedded in, this being the most crucial aspect of any war. In this situation the state must "seek us out" in the cybernetic/social 'jungle' in which we manifest ourselves in and spend a lot more energy trying to pin point our leadership and command structures to dismantle them. By being as fluid as a criminal gang we become almost impossible to wipe out completely (this is why the Crips and the Mafia have a more enduring legacy than almost every single "movement" we have had in the last few decades). Our strength thus lies exactly in our multiplicity, our apparently divergent strategies, our undefined leadership, our complex system of networks and affiliations, etc. As a matter of fact, I would argue that our problem has been that we have been too unified and consistent for years in this fight, primarily because of our obsession with the concept itself that stems from a faulty belief that we are "conserving" our current civilization when we are actually establishing a new one on the ruins of this hybrid beast called modernity.

Many of us have seen the rallies in which klansmen, skinheads, and wannabe politicians all join hands together against the system (while being protected by a squad of police officers). This is a highly ineffective way of making it tough on our enemies to eliminate us. It is much better to have all of these groups on their own ideological route, speaking to their own crowds, and generally minding their own ideological business. The war must not only be against our foes but also for the survival and victory of a few or a single one of these trends, and for this to occur they need to fight each other for this privilege as well (reference Mein Kampf for further details on this particular point of view, in which the party struggles to crush all ideologically similar movements).

But there is also another aspect of our struggle that will greatly benefit from division; growing our numbers. The more particularly distinct our movements become, the more multifaceted is our attractive quality to different types of people. As an example, a Baptist will feel comfortable learning about European Ethno Nationalism from a fellow Baptist (or even from a Christian Identity adherent) than from an Evolian Buddhist or a National Socialist Occultist. More importantly, said prospect will quickly run for the hills if he feels obligated to invite to his home as "brethren" a Joy of Satan racialist just because "we are all part of the same movement". They may become more "open minded" much later as they shift their core value structure in the struggle for our cause, but at the beginning this is too much of a stretch. Having Christians (or Heathens) advocating for the general conception of our racialist cause is good enough for some people and they should remain in their own world and with their own methods.

Many times you will hear/read people, within the general cause of Native European survival, speaking ill of each other for openly professing a preference for a religion or political ideology, and this sentiment is quite ridiculous. We are not liberal relativists, we indeed must have our own perspectives and believe passionately in them, so asking for the sacrifice of these views for the sake of unity is preposterous and (as I argue in this article) counter productive. The more variety in our movement, the more variety we will get. If you are "New Age" I will hand you Serrano, if you are a Pagan I will hand you McNallen, if you are a leftist I will hand you Strasser, if you are a Catholic I will hand you the works of Brother Peter Dimond, if a protestant I will gift you William Finck's translation of the New can apply your own judgement on the general principle as needed.

Smaller, moving, changing and confusing targets are much tougher for our enemy's marksmen than single monolithic ones.


This is another aspect of the struggle that must be understood thoroughly and may seem also to be contradictory to what I advised in the point above. Although I advocate ideological fragmentation and particularism, there is indeed a benefit to encourage those distinct souls who travel among divergent movements because of their natural ability to network. Historically, these individuals were the original ambassadors and deal brokers. It is crucial that although our movements may not see eye to eye on many things, that they are nonetheless aware and sustain a basic understanding of each other. This is not only important to identify enemy false flags (government plants for example) but also to know who and how to approach each other when the need arrives.

{As a sidebar, agents tend to focus on one single tendency for exactly the reasons discussed above. They understand that ideologically firm people tend to only trust the same in their associates, so an agent will almost always shun moving from group to group in fear of being detected (specially in the internet age) and favor feigning fanaticism for the sake of gaining acceptance. Any fear that a politically savvy person, who is friendly with divergent groups, is somehow "an agent" is unfounded, but this aspect of our struggle should have an article all of its own. We should always encourage to be on the lookout anyway, in every scenario, without developing an unhealthy and unproductive paranoia.}

Politically speaking, having people who are willing to respect other groups enough to advocate for their cause and even promote them when necessary, will give us the resourcefulness we will need to act in a coordinated fashion once we transition from 'guerrilla' to 'rebel army' (for a case study of this transition please research the Cuban Revolution). Also, it is difficult to learn anything from the political process if we don't understand that some groups have a better handle of the public than we do. Some movements, although "weak" in their approach, serve as a starting point for many who will later on go on to create their own movements or join into more "pure" versions of it. Without the one, we wouldn't really have the other. Actively giving support to some of these 'racialist start ups' is also important in our overall strategy.

4. FOCUS ON TODAY and aim at what should happen tomorrow

To those versed on the writings of Lenin, this point will be very familiar. It is important for our movements to constantly focus their energy on what is happening today and address said issues constantly with our own particular spin. What happened yesterday (figuratively) is already in the past and most people see it that way. Always addressing what is relevant to people in the moment is a sure way of connecting with them and making the issues actively important. It is also easier to give these situations gradations of urgency as the moment may require.

Unfortunately, most of our movements today are more akin to 'historical reenactment societies' and their disjointed focus is a reflection of this fact. As stated previously, having these 'societies' is fine, since it works to attract said types to the cause, but there must also be movements that dedicate more energy on the present and who are willing to refresh not only their arguments but their symbols and approach to achieve the ultimate goal. Movements that are willing to forgo the romantic excitement of symbolism for the sake of gaining victory over our enemies must be focused on at this point in time. Sadly, at this juncture, we mostly have these romantic remembrance societies (of all sorts and for different periods of our past...and mostly in the USA) and not enough political action groups who focus on the now. Again, the effectiveness of this entire strategy relies on radical variety.

5. END OF PERSONAL SECULARIZATION and the advocacy of 'survivalism'

This last point may seem odd as a general strategy but I consider it crucial on a personal level. When I say that we must end all personal "secularization", I am referring to the destructive tendency to separate our political/ideological life from our personal, spiritual and daily lives. If we are to be true fighters for the cause of our collective survival, then this fictitious division must be recognized as harmful. We must attempt with the best of our powers to visualize the entire system (and our lives within it) as being part of a large grid with movable parts. We are within this corrupt system and we are attempting to topple it for the sake of a better and more natural one. This means that when we function in the world, even if we are doctors, lawyers, mechanics, street sweepers, students, etc. we must be conscious of our part within it and work our hardest to force change even in said context. We can't just divorce ourselves from the struggle, we must become the struggle. This means that instead of seeing ourselves as either "outside of the system" or "subjected to the system" we see ourselves as a VIRUS to the system. We are inside it and working to destroy it in every way possible (see how The Tribe has taken over all governments as a case study). To be effective viruses, we can't all be simply outsiders (supposedly untouched), nor pests (like bad bacteria), nor quietly moving along with the state organism and doing activism on our spare time. We have to envision ourselves as part of a complex and dangerous virus that has so many branches, so many strands, and so many dynamics that it can't simply be treated in one swoop nor with one method. Every single job or role that we partake in can be part of this stratagem. Everything we say can be part of the scheme. Everything we write, read, and consume is thus part of a major operation. We MUST have this consciousness if we are to survive as a genome on this planet.

To counter the natural tendency in people to eventually (and mechanically) rely too much on the same system they are working to topple, we must simultaneously prepare as a counter measure the assumption of the basic premises of classic survivalism. This will hopefully force us to contend with (and be reminded of) the possibility that this ideological war will indeed turn physical and we must be ready to subsist without the system itself for a while. Before we construct anything, most of what exist today will have to necessarily go the way of the 'dodo bird'. Being prepared for this dynamic will also test our capacity of survival and thus our worthiness to call ourselves fighters of any sort.

In conclusion, it is of the most relevance to understand our role in this fight and assume it. It is crucial to never play the game our enemies set for us nor make their jobs easier. We must indeed advocate for the breakup of conservative ways of understanding the political battle field, and this includes eliminating most modern states and their boundaries. We have to also encourage the further sophistication of our particular movements and develop networking methods to eventually be able to function as a complex system of total war against those who intend to genocide the European Race from the face of the earth. We will be victorious, but our work needs to start immediately.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Violent Aesthetics

One of the main tools in our enemy's repertoire, used to effectively displace Europeans from their own lands and influence, is the outright effeminization of our culture.

Historically, civilization has always bred a weaker and delicate type of man, simply because the comfort of organized society naturally halts the process of culling the freaks and cowards who would have otherwise been killed (or at the very least would have been unable to compete for resources and healthy females).

According to most researchers of human development, femininity itself is a result of a sedentary and protected lifestyle, more akin to the rightful place of a mother, daughter, and/or wife, but less convenient for the responsibility entrusted by nature to males for the feeding, guarding and leading of their family.

It is inherent in the very arduous job of carrying, birthing, and nursing a child (itself a biological imperative only entrusted to the female gender) a need for a passive, submissive and overly compassionate disposition. Chemically, when a mother hears her own child crying, her anxiety is purposefully triggered, oxytocin levels rise dramatically and milk rushes to her breasts so she can then nurture the child and quench his hunger. In said example, her emotional nature is in harmony with her natural responsibility, and thus it is healthy and productive. 

Men, on the other hand, serve a different natural and biological purpose (which is the reason they don't posses these hormonal responses to children crying, among other examples). These biochemical realities have been reflected in the spiritual/cultural manifestations of our European forebears. The feminine was thus associated with nurturing, moonlight, dancing, festive seasons and the overarching theme of fertility and birth. The masculine was associated with protection, sunlight, war, and the eternal struggle for order and authority above and beyond the seasons. These archetypical reflections, as can be well observed, are connected to the biological/chemical reality of how our species functions and interacts with the natural world. As I have mentioned before, the separation/duality between the natural and the metaphysical is alien to the European soul.

In our current predicament, were we find ourselves attacked from all possible flanks and in which we fight for our very existence on this planet, our coherent understanding of natural reality is crucial to our victory. We must understand that nature has a set of laws that overrule any of our pedantic attempts to bypass them, no matter how creative we are or continue to become. The inherent evil of liberal ideology (a disruptive mishmash of individualism, universalism, and consumerism) is that it purposefully divorces humans from their natural essence and attempts to promulgate the false idea that we have the capacity and/or duty to overcome reality for the sake of "freedom". They teach our children that they shouldn't be "limited" by anything that nature may throw their way and instead that they should overcome reality itself with dreams and desires. Unlike the heroic ethic of our ancestors, whose gods fought against the giants (an analogy of the chaotic forces of nature) within the confines of the natural universe, the liberal ethic distances itself from nature for the sake of a disturbed desire to annihilate the world for their own selfish sake.

If we are to revive our true character as Native Europeans, we must stay close to nature and understand that we are subjects to higher laws and not to our own petty attempts at defining and controlling the universe. We must never forget that reality (ancestry and environment) has already given us an identity  and we are therefore not 'in the market' for a new one. This fact is, in a true sense, real transcendentalism because true spirituality, in the European sense of the term, is not supernatural (outside of nature) but natural (within nature).

Understanding racial reality, gender reality, and 'quality' reality is inherently revolutionary in today's world because it breaks the agonizing fantasy matrix in which we have been imprisoned and begins to open the figurative window shades in expectation of nature's true disinfectant light.

Those of us who have the honor to call ourselves Europeans (all the children of Europa's racial and spiritual womb fall into this category) and those who also bear the responsibility of being males, must dedicate our energy to exalt and preserve the characteristics that such identifiers entail. A strong warrior ethic, embraced by the dignity of duty, and emboldened by the will to power through affirmative aggression (physical or symbolic depending on the context) is indeed the key value that will sustain our blood's drive to survive this onslaught.
The Goddess Europa and Zeus

Our tradition in Europe, no matter from which particular ethnic group you hail from, has always been defined by martial valor and the beauty of strength. This has been true, even when religions that preached 'peace and love' had already overwhelmed our realms. Europeans have willfully ignored the tenets of philosophies that preach weakness and passivity in favor of creative interpretations that teach power and beauty; the legitimate children of true aristocracy. It is fair to say that our entire artistic expression has mostly been lopsided in favor of the apotheosis of war, it's heroes, and the beauty which inspire their creation. It has been only very recently that our enemies have successfully turned our people (men in particular) into consumer friendly, passive, effeminate, and deranged masochists.

I have previously discussed the process of how this weakness consumes the very essence of a people and how this eventually destroys our very awareness of being, so my intention here is to particularly address whether or not we are capable as a movement to reverse the process effectively.

Is it possible to sustain healthy levels of aggression, masculinity and heroic values within a civilized society? We need only to look at countless past cultures of Europe and elsewhere to see examples of the possibility of doing just that (Rome, Medieval Japan, NS Germany, Soviet Union, etc). Even the study of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and other martially obsessed cultures, serve us as interesting contemporary case studies for the formulation of our own methods. Without a doubt, a 'comfort society' reflects a passive/weak culture and thus it dooms any people who accept it to death. In other words, for the sake of our survival, it would be preferable to live in a "North Korea for Europeans" type of society than live in our current demoralized culture of individualism and perversion.

A 'violent culture' can therefore sustain levels of healthy aggressiveness within the confines of an alien and degenerate society. Arabs do this while in diaspora by hashing out violent imagery in the form of historiographies of great mujaheddin and other related cultural products aimed at their young men. Their cult of martyrdom is a good example of a self sustaining system that advocates sacrifice for the sake of their community (not really for the personal benefit of the martyr, as the capitalist obsessed Americans wish to interpret it). This methodology also shields them from the effects of consumerism and superficial mass culture thus protecting their social cohesiveness.

Therefore, sustaining high levels of violent aesthetics and dialectics can slowly turn our males thirsty for violent solutions to complex problems, a factor that will slowly revive their ancient spirit. The desire to revolutionize and destroy corruption in a quick and dramatic fashion is the renowned characteristic of youth. Shaping this into our favor is not only in our benefit but in theirs.

For the sake of European survival, the eulogizing of ancient warrior tribes, military heroes, and savage warlords will particularly engage our youth into the dynamic exaltation of their natural desire for glory and conquest. Most of our young love violent video games and movies for the same instinctive reasons, but their energy is being purposefully directed towards a passive/corrupt method of expression by our enemies. In the same way, a lot of contemporary music aimed at white children encourages lurid sexuality and passive entertainment/enjoyment while non-whites are encouraged to advocate hardcore violence and ghetto gun culture. Where is our violent sub-culture?

For a while in the 1980's and 1990's, Europeans had some forms of rock music (and their ancillary art movements) that provided exactly this violent aesthetic so needed in our contemporary culture. Bands formed whose main goal was to speak about the dangerous lifestyle of the white working class in the decaying cities of the world. Their appearance was aggressive, the music was loud and threatening. Unfortunately, since their basic premise was predicated on hyper individuality, their collective effect on our culture was limited. Another example was punk rock, a genre that slowly became politicized and slowly led towards a nihilistic fervor that cascaded into liberal politics and inevitably lost its masculine edge for the sake of political correctness and record contracts. So called skinhead music also started developing wildly, up to the point in which a branch went off into a queer-like reggae dreamland and the other went into an aggressive reactionary chauvinism that amazingly enough inspired many people in our movement today. To be fair, the basic premise of the Rock Against Communism movement was very good, but the implementation was many more times than not counter productive. Ironically, with a few exceptions, it simply devolved into what characterizes most popular culture; it facilitated passive resistance in lieu of actual political work.

Another music/culture genre example that is now becoming quite popular in Europe is National Socialist Black Metal. The aesthetics of this movement is quite interesting because they mix modern politics with almost medieval heathen theatrics (black/death metal being the root of this art movement). Interestingly enough, a lot of young kids like this style because the visual presentation is quite violent and anti-christian. Aesthetically speaking, the darker forms of cultural expressions lure in a large swath of Europeans that are simply tired of the modern flamboyancy of mainstream culture and simply wish to rip it apart. Some even argue that the heathen soul of the European is still dormant and thus is attracted achetypically to the "darker and colder" symbols of this type of art. Of course, the down side of this movement is that it focuses too much on the reverse-christian cliches and identity swapping ridiculousness that will unfortunately turn off too many other revolutionary prospects.

Let me be very clear though. I have always supported most artistic and ideological methods that promote our aims because slowly but surely the strong ones will overcome the weaker ones and our cause can then go forward without so many divisions. It is basic Social Darwinism and it has been proven to work historically. Nonetheless, it is important to honestly asses how effective a cultural proposal/phenomenon is so that we can better organize ourselves for the final victory. That being said, music and visual art is just one aspect of the culture war, and usually the one most people choose because of how easy and personally isolated it is. This makes it the inferior approach to the current war, albeit a part of it all the same.

So, a lot of times brothers ask me the important question: "What can I start doing right now for the European racialist cause?". My answer is very specific and I believe easy for most to begin starting today:

All of our men must start a family and serve in the role of guide, protector, and provider.
All of our men must make war (in all of its cultural forms) their core cultural value.
All of our men must physically train in a gym and/or engage in some form of exercise/sport.
All of our men must only purchase products that enhance their vitality, power, and strength.
All of our men must legally purchase weapons and practice with them regularly. 
All of our men must dress in a manner that expresses stoic masculinity (never softness). 
All of our men must study history, philosophy, and literature which actively elevates the values of duty, honor, and valor.
All of our men must reject individualist values for the sake of collectivist ones (all Europeans are part of a community/organism).

Real European men respect women and defend them because they indeed view their own role as protectors and theirs as the protected (equality is a sham thus we unequally treat women in their favor). In the same fashion, real European men despise abuse and cowardly acts because their strength entails honor. Our enemies have no spine because their ancestry is one of low caste slaves who automatically abuse their power when given the reins of authority. Europeans have always been a master race in the true sense of the term, thus instinctively shunning most displays of real tyranny. Therefore, European men never confuse aggressiveness with abusiveness because they are aware that only pathetic weaklings over-compensate.

Basically, we must get our house in order before we can begin the actual work of destroying the current system to build a healthier one. Quoting that lunatic capitalist freak Donald Trump; "you should dress for the job you want and not the one you have". In the same vein, we cannot expect to build something that we haven't exemplified in ourselves. If we dream of a healthy and natural society, we must start building it within our own personality and social surrounding. Our demeanor, attire, attitude and actions must logically conform with our expectations of the world.
Family and Militarism

I have no doubt that we will be victorious at the end of this journey, but I nonetheless try my best to help as much as I can in the process of making it happen sooner rather than later. Therefore, I work the hardest I can, every single day, to apply the strictest expectations of myself and of those over whom I am responsible. This is the only way I can honestly feel good as a European, as a man, as a father, and as a fighter for our collective cause.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transcending Materialism

When we think of all of the amazing things our race has collectively accomplished throughout the ages, it is quite clear that 'materialism' was far from their hearts and minds. Instead, it is obvious that transcendence itself (as an objective) was by far the most important focus of our creative genius. So what is the difference between these two conceptions of the world?

If this were the appropriate space for a discussion on the intricacies and complexities of all the divergent types and definitions of materialism I would simply take too much space and divert the reader from the main point of this small article. For the sake of clarification, I will define materialism in the following manner: The belief/understanding that all that exists, either physically perceived or not, stems from matter and thus consciousness is simply the result of matter's interaction with itself. To be fair, materialism is arguably open to the possibility that some of the things that we can't easily perceive are nonetheless material, but inherent in this material phenomenology is the understanding that if it can't be measured it doesn't exist. Many scientists today find this type of materialism difficult to justify thanks to 'quantum mechanics' and 'chaos theory', but because most common people are usually behind said scientific trends by a few decades they constantly regurgitate old theories as if they have always been dogmatically set in stone.

Transcendence, on the other hand (and also overly simplified), is the understanding/belief that certain things exist beyond material perception and/or have an existence apart from its perceived limits.

To the materialists, most aspects of religiosity (rituals in particular) and mysticism are perceived, at best, as obscenely emotional fancies or, at worse, psychotic delusions. It is quite clear that the latter interpretation stems from the Judaic art of psychoanalysis and its degenerate creator Sigmund Freud (for a more precise study of this fact I suggest everyone to read Kevin MacDonald's works, in particular the Culture of Critique). Materialists unfortunately tend to use psychological and sociological jargon to hide their true intentions; pushing their particular brand of interpretations of "the truth" and "reality". Ironically, materialists condemn the so-called absolutism of their religiously minded enemies, while simultaneously claiming that their views are the only ones based on "objective reality". Go figure the integral logic of this first class oxymoron!

Is there any inherent problem with allowing materialism to thrive within the Pan-European Nationalist movement? Yes!

Let me provide a few basic logical reasons why materialism is actually hurting the prospects of our own collective survival on this earth:

1. There is plenty of evidence that those who believe that only matter exists tend to have a limited understanding of what is "real" and "unreal". In other words, those who actually limit what fits within "reality" are in fact blocking their ability to explore those things that may seem impossible at first glance but may in fact not be (alternate realities, black holes, and the bending of time and space all come to mind). A good scientist will consider any possibility, even the most outrageous one, as a fair ground for experimentation and consideration. A bad scientists will ab-initio proclaim that only X is the accepted framework of study and nothing else can or should be considered.

The social consequence of accepting this type of approach to the world is that we not only stifle creativity, we also become much more prone to despair and defeatism.

This "openness" doesn't mean that we simply accept any crazy theory on "hope" nor that we are necessarily open to anything beyond the pale of common sense, it simply means that we are interested in creative ways of approaching problems and arriving at functioning solutions without placing restrictive notions that may block our path. A great example of this way of seeing things put into action can be observed in the scientific breakthroughs of the Third Reich. I strongly suggest that readers follow up and study this period in history so that you discover all of the amazing things that were achieved at the time, all thanks to a less restrictive/dogmatic approach to scientific thinking.

2. Materialism is utilitarian. In other words, materialists view matter itself as either a vessel or as a piece of a puzzle. Things are either constructed for the sake of servicing a mechanism or to literally function for the benefit of another material entity. Almost all architecture that has been inspired or developed by materialists is horrendously functional. All you have to do is drive around your town and most structures will fit this description. They either function as a place to sell things, store things, or store yourself. They express no true passion because these buildings are seen as simple utilities. On the other hand, every single wonder of the world, and almost every single achievement done in the realms of art, literature and architecture, was done for the sake of a transcendental objective.

In other words, most of our ancestors were expressing a sense of mystical awe at the universe, at the forces animating it, and our place within said cosmos. It wasn't ignorance, it was a true expansive and healthy awe at the magnitude of the universe. All of it was done holding the perspective that we are part of a larger drama, or at the very least that our consciousness can transcend what appears to be our own material existence.

3. Matter appears to be finite. Those who believe that they are themselves only tangible matter have no real reason to accept death as only a 'transition' into a different existence (or at the very least as simply another experience within a larger scheme of things). Death is final as far as consciousness is concerned and therefore "life is the greatest indulgence and death the greatest abstinence" (as the circumcised founder of the Church of Satan would say). It is then an obvious incongruity to fight wholeheartedly for others (or an idea) since realistically this fight will have no true personal benefit in the grand scheme of things. Preferring "death before dishonor" when you are holding unto this psycho-dynamic makes absolutely no sense. The only logical thing to do, if life is simply a personal playground in which death is a horrific "game over", is to enjoy the most of it without any real concern for anything but yourself and those that entertain you. Only those things that annoy or disturb your pleasure (or that can distract you away from sloth) are worth fighting for, but only so far as it doesn't really involve your own personal discomfort or threaten your life. This is the reason why most American soldiers can't be a match for dedicated and fanatical Muslim warriors, unless they have robots and computers doing some advance killing on their behalf. Is it really that difficult to figure out why Crusaders, Legionaries, Vikings, Mujaheddin, SS Men, and Samurais (all of different spiritual paths) were superior than all modern materialist soldiers combined?

4. Nation, Race, and Tradition become transitory concepts that can easily be manhandled in any direction for the sake of personal convenience. There is simply no real reason why I can't act in a way that would dishonor my forebears, since they are all dead and have simply no true sense of "shame". The whole idea of tradition is simply ridiculous within this materialistic conception of life because biologically speaking the influence of the past is already here, in our bodies, and it simply has no relation to their so-called "moral constructs". Basically, the past is literally dead and the future as well. A person who thinks in this very limited way is an easy target for environmental arguments on interpersonal relationships, psychoanalysis, and the progressive view of history (a type of evolutionary secular eschatology) that so many of our enemies love to preach. On the other hand, ancestral worship has always been the raison d'tre of our whole traditional culture.  We felt compelled to appease and honor our forebears because they had never actually left us.

This list can easily continue to expand, but I think the four reasons above are enough to make a clear point.

In stark contrast to the perspective above, those who view their life as an expression of something that, although part of perceived reality also goes beyond it, will have enormous reservoirs of courage to fight without fear of ending their personal existence. Transcendental men fight because they wish to express the inner yearning of an eternal consciousness who chooses to act without the limiting fear of believing that only what is perceived by his senses is real. The art of the transcendentalist (called Magicians/Wizards/Brahmanas/WarriorPriests and many other names in olden days) is to manipulate matter to his will, and not let matter subjugate him. This is what truly differentiates Aryankind from most other breeds in the hominid world. It is the "Triumph of the Will" and the "Will to Power" of Western man that has made our people beautiful and worthy of universal recognition. Almost all of our founding 'mythos' relate how it was the will (word) to subjugate matter to our race's desires that distinguishes us from most other creatures in the universe. Even our understanding of courage and heroism has always been predicated on the premise of true transcendence and not on crude materialism. It is the desire to go beyond death, beyond the elements, that has placed us in a position in which we have defined what is actually plausible or not.

Deeply immersed in materialism, and without this crucial spark of transcendence, we are nothing but a culture-less, petty, underachieving tribe of cunning tradesmen, who will forever depend on others for our creative subsistence while simultaneously harboring a deep resentment against our hosts. Our only desire will be to rob others of their "silly hopes and dreams" for the sake of justifying our own miserable and limited existence. Sound familiar?

I am purposefully choosing not to enter the mined field of pointing to a specific structure of transcendentalism, because said issue is far too complex for this small article. Needless to say, I am of the opinion that having a theology/mysticism is better than having none. Can it be argued that there are better "formulas" for our people than others? I believe so, but this issue will have to be resolved with time and patience. On the other hand, I am fully convinced that loosing our transcendental view of existence foretells our ultimate demise.

There are of course those who will claim to have no transcendental view whatsoever but nonetheless affirm that they are still willing to sacrifice themselves for our people. The truth of the matter is that they are either overestimating their enthusiasm or are in truth more religious than they think. People in this category may simply be dishonest to themselves on this matter, possibly because they have believed the mainstream propaganda that being "secular" and "non theistic" is somehow an intellectually superior position to take. Accepting this false dichotomy is, in my humble opinion, the best proof that said people are not very educated to begin with. Just like "there ain't no atheists in fox-holes", I don't think there are any so-called atheists in the martyr pantheons of any nation, and thus none to fully trust in our movement.

The truth of the matter is that those who view themselves as random interactions with atoms, or who honestly believe that their relationship to their race and nation is purely material, will eventually awake in the dark pit of logic's slippery slopes to realize that he/she will either have to actually risk life and limb for the sake of others (i.e. sacrifice for the sake of something they will probably never accrue a tangible benefit from) or be obliged to put themselves above all else. If the choice is self, then materialism won, if the choice is anything beyond self, transcendence is victorious.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Prefab Republic

Many within the White Racialist movement today talk about their hopes for a future White Republic, a concept state in which White people live in almost absolute separation from Jewish cultural imperialism and non-White decadence. A nation in which Whites can finally regroup, augment their numbers, and finally continue through the path of civilization from which we have distractedly deviated from in the last few decades (some would argue centuries). How feasible is this idea?

Before answering the question, we must first be transparent about the fact that this White Nation notion is a wholly American ideal. Most European nationalists don't see the creation of such a state as an imperative need because to them their own particular countries are the future White Republics to which they all aspire to. All issues discussed here, relating to the hypothetical White Nation, are thus irrelevant to the European experience because most of the elemental characteristics of a state are already present. White Racialist of non-American extraction who actually entertain the idea of a White Republic are mostly those who have given up on their dream of actually achieving anything of value in their own continent and are thus looking for a radical and fresh alternative (some would say, an escape route).

It can't be denied that the idea of starting a nation from scratch is something much more akin to the American multi-ethnic and frontier-like mentality than to the rigidly traditional and history-obsessed Europeans. After all, American Whites stem from a variety of European ethnic groups (for the most part) and are also mostly descendants of refugees and/or adventurers. Expecting from said context any other conception of how a nation should be started and ruled is somewhat unreasonable. Nonetheless, the legitimate inquiry is whether or not the modernist perversions of American culture are also infecting this lofty goal of a new country.

Needless to say, my intent is not to dictate the "right answer" but instead point out a few logical problems with how some of us are approaching the 'construction' of this future nation and hopefully persuade some readers to my views and incline them to adopt some of my suggestions.

Pointing the finger at any particular White Independence advocacy group is unnecessary for this study since most of them share the same characteristics. Any superficial analysis of these movements will reveal that they all, for the most part, predicate the establishment of a non-authoritarian, environmentally friendly, Euro-centric racialist republic within the continental United States. On the surface, these basic ideals sound fairly reasonable. The problem is that they don't stop there and begin to clearly show examples of their fallibility as a proposal when they actually advocate an already defined territory for their new nation (some going as far as setting specific territorial boundaries), they present already drafted and "ratified" constitutions, designed flags, approved anthems, printed state emblems, organized territorial and military administration structures (even defining how their navy functions in relation to their army!), tax collecting systems (or Tax blocking constitutional provisions), and many other similar elements. One of these groups even has an official government website and offers certificates of birth. Apparently, and conveniently, all the actual work of getting these nations founded has been practically done for us before we even considered picking up a rifle.

To be perfectly clear, the above criticism does not mean that we may not entertain flags, ideal types of government, nor other basic suggestions of how to begin a new nation project. These aspects of an outline can definitely help inspire us to 'fight the good fight', but once we cross the line into the actual prefabrication of a country by a few activists (designers), without having any real world justification for it, then we have surrendered ourselves to the influence of market capitalism and consumer culture.

Typical of American 'fast-food' society, these nations offer us the ability to simply choose, after analyzing the different proposals (products), the new mythological country we would like to live in after a superficial analysis of their regional viability for revolution (as astute political scientists and military strategists that we all believe we are). Then, we just need to take the last "great" step of moving there, somewhere in the near future, to ride the waves of destiny into glorious victory. Many, I can deduce, even imagine themselves at the head of troops, being posthumously glorified with statues and poems.

Of course, reality doesn't quite work that way. To actually start a new nation from scratch requires not only military/violent action, but also the organic growth of popular sentiment for it. It requires a historical and contextual development of events that leads particular regions to acquire a character that justifies a founding myth. Territorial demarcations are almost always determined by very specific skirmishes/battles and never by a magic-marker on a map a hundred years before the war for independence actually began. Yes, we can dream, plan, and strategize from the comfort of our niches, specially if the objective is to get a preparatory idea of what we have coming our way when 'reality hits the fan', but to actually pretend to know how things will work out far in advance is ludicrous, delusional and wasteful.

Euryanist Flag Option? (designed by a poster at SF)
Again, I agree with most of those who proclaim that the 'White Republic' is a much needed entity which will help us "secure the existence of our people and a future for white children". I will even dare to participate in the designing part of this game and call our ideal EURYANISM, a name I recently came up with that combines the classifiers European and Aryan, which in combination can express who we are (and aspire to be) without the baggage of our dozen other terms.

On the other hand, I indeed strongly disagree that said White Republic is itself a solution to our problems when in reality it can only be one of our ultimate goals. I too wish to live in such a place, but the million dollar question is: How do we get there?

Our solution must involve the preparation for this goal instead of shamefully play-acting as future "founding fathers". This new nation will require professionals, laborers, intellectuals, scientists, artists, writers, warriors (of all ranks) and trained leadership.

It should be quite apparent that getting the job done and amassing the necessary people is a very large task at this point because many of us are not only ill prepared to legitimately fit into said categories but are also infected with a deep seated dislike for those who possess the qualities we actually need to become successful with our nation building exploit. Most White Racialists view doctors, lawyers, architects, economists, scientists, and all of their assorted brethren as drones of a "corrupt and evil system". Like a pack of angry lepers, looking out of their colony upon the rest of the world with spite and resentment, many in our movement view these "successful" types (i.e. those who have been able to function within the dark and evil world of Iudea) with distrust. Legitimately, in many cases, our assessment of them isn't all together wrong, considering the amount of filth that permeates all facets of the system, but this same measuring stick must be applied to every single person who lives within a modern nation-state. Just because a trucker doesn't appear to share the same responsibilities and power of a sales broker doesn't mean that he isn't still working within the "evil system" (moving products around so that consumers can intoxicate themselves with them isn't "evil"?). We all are, without exception and in one way or another, limbs of this disturbed monster we call the modern world. None of us are true hermits and none of us can claim a respectable level of sanctity when it comes to participating in the dynamics of our own destruction.

The remaining question then is a very practical one, specially after we begrudgingly accept responsibility for the parts we all play in this problem: Do we actually need these highly socialized and successful types within our movement? Of course we do!

Not only do we need them for our program of founding a new nation, we also need them to remain functional and successful before and after we build it. Their skills of adaptation, manipulation, and competition are the main reason we need them in this particular moment in our history. The great founders of most civilizations in our past understood this principle very well, but for an almost mystifying reason most of our activists don't seem to value quality over quantity anymore. Importantly, these skilled racialists must not be valued for their 'propaganda' appeal only. Too many quasi intellectual White Nationalist today want them as tokens, so they can tell the media how many "winners" actually agree with us, but seem to ignore their practical use. Outing successful racialists is one of the most popular pastimes of our enemies because they understand the basic need of any functional movement to have them as active members, unfortunately many of our "leaders" make their jobs easier and sometimes even do it themselves, thus barring themselves from those who would be of immense help to our movement.

A great example of ascribing value to quality people is Adolf Hitler's entourage. After the initial stage of his movement's formation was survived, he filled the NSDAP with all professions and classes (many of them financed the movement itself), and when he took power, these men were ready to take command of a complex state without engendering chaos and dysfunction.

The organically grown republic, the one that most of us aspire to, requires a lot of technical work that most of us aren't ready for. Since this republic will only come about through the fragmentation of our current governments and not through a magical awakening, we must be ready to take command of almost every single primal industry and profession (the basic ones needed to continue functionality, at the very least) when the vacuum arrives. If we don't, we will never get even near the upper echelons of power within an already established state, never mind forging our own. Those out there who are actually ready, those people who some of us currently abhor and call "slaves to the matrix", will be the only ones capable to take over and build a new state when all falls apart. These men and women, no matter their "ideology", will receive the cheers and accolades of the masses and the blasting guns of the military. These are the same masses who in their classic irrational fits of hysteria will be very tempted to fetch ropes and get rid of us "brutish" and "violent racist losers".

What to do?

Become yourself an expert in a practical area of administering a nation and advancing an economy. Knowledge of commerce/economics, military crafts (everybody forgets the most important and least fashionable: logistics), law, medicine, management, construction (all levels), engineering, biology, agriculture (all levels), pharmacology, policing, forensics, irrigation, etc. are all crucial to our objectives. We must be ready to legitimately fill that vacuum with people who are not only capable but actually good at these tasks. Without men and women that know how to efficiently run a company, house, store, family, work crew, or any other complex social group, we are doomed. Leadership is not about handing out orders and pontificating about 'endgames', it is about the practical knowledge involved in running things and influencing people. Some of these skills are naturally inherent in some of us, while other leaders are made by experience and circumstances (not all great generals were charismatic). Acquiring these skills is an absolute necessity.

Unfortunately, almost in every single case, we can't get the knowledge and skill required for these areas of expertise from online courses or via self-education. Most of these professions require us to actually forgo some of our personal pride (codeword for stubbornness most of the time) and actually go through the systems needed to get educated. This requires sacrificing our personal comfort zone to reach the educational level we need to be of any use to our people. If using the enemy's system and educational tools is what it takes, then this is what we have to do. Doing things we don't like for the sake of the 'bigger picture' is what means to be an adult.

I believe studying the story of the famous Visigoth king Alaric will give people some perspective on this issue.

Alaric I
Alaric I, a Visigothic king (crowned in 395ad), served as a Roman general for many years before utilizing those same skills against Rome and eventually invading/sacking it. This is exactly the same strategy I am suggesting here, in a more extended fashion. I am obviously not the only one to ever suggest it. Alaric's victories were not achieved overnight, and ours won't either. Patience is the most important characteristic of a true White man, while immediate gratification is the typical refuge of the primitive and inferior non-Whites.

If we really desire and require this new nation for the sake of our progeny, if we must have a new country in which our people can live free of the constant barrage of depraved cultural influences and the criminality engendered by multi-racialism, then we must actually prepare ourselves for founding it in the real world. We must have founding fathers that are actually worthy of the name. We require a foundation worthy of our past civilizations and not indicative of modern consumer culture in which everything is pre-arranged for us without any work nor bloodshed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hooked on Weakness

American Indians lost their lands when they got hooked on the White Man's goods. This incontrovertible fact is key to understanding the dynamics involved in colonialism, no matter what type or in which historical context. Today, the White/European people of the world are under attack with diverse forms of colonialism, from the reverse kind, involving the wretched NonWhite world moving into our territories, to the cultural Judeo-Marxist one that sells us toys. Both types, in their deadly combination, will result in the almost absolute ethnic cleansing of the White/European people throughout the world. The reason for our quick displacement (speedy if you consider that our grandparents lived in primarily homogenous territories) is almost identical to the American Indian story, at least when it comes to what enticed them into their willful abandonment of territory and their outright sale of their lands.

Some people today don't realize that almost every single initial contact between Europeans and the mongolian tribes that lived in the American continent were amazingly friendly (naively so for both sides). Delving into a full exposition of the story is unnecessary, the simple truth is that these 'natives' became addicted to European technology and power to the point of selling off entire swaths of land, lakes and rivers, all for the sake of owning our items and also in the hopes that these tough and advanced Whites would kill off their own indigenous competition. At the end of their maddening sale, they came to realize that almost all of their ancestral hunting/fishing grounds were theirs no more. Eventually changing their minds, and deciding to take it all back by force, they got butchered. The term "Indian giver" reflects the sentiment of our ancestors at the time.

In other words, their petty desire for "cool stuff" and their belief that utilizing the might of others for their 'strategic' purposes would be beneficial, backfired to the point of their almost complete extinction. Consumerism, albeit a very rudimentary kind, killed the 'indians' and robbed them of their land. 

Today, most Whites live in a maze of gadgets and entertainment that would make any red skinned savage gasp in mesmerized stupor. Because of our advanced stage of intellectual and developmental evolution, our race has invented almost every single type of technology imaginable and has founded almost every single worthwhile culture this earth has ever seen. Science and literature are both our almost entire and exclusive domain, not only at its genesis but also in the effective practice of it. As with all success, there is a darker side which, unfortunately in our case, is killing us in record numbers. Let us look at the basic and practical causes of our amazing superiority and clearly identify what made us great.

All of these inventions, which stem specifically from a particular genetic and historic context, sprang forth because of our identifiably war-like, ethnocentric, and competitive nature. Other races, of which the Black (Sub-Saharan African) is the most contrasting, lived in far too temperate climes and bountiful regions to merit the development of an intelligence capable of producing even the most rudimentary forms of culture (East-Asians are a separate phenomenon worthy of discussion at another time). As most educated people know, most Blacks (in their native land), even to this very day, are still devoid of a written language (their verbal communication can't convey a sophisticated concept aside from 'hunger', 'anger', 'sex' and 'awe'), music (that isn't primarily devoted to percussion), navigation (without simply siting on a log and pushing it), nor any advanced form of weaponry (aside from their sticks and stones). In short, irrespective of the evolutionary conditions which kept them that way, or whether we like it or not, most NonWhites have been in such primitive levels of development that even Neanderthals seem sophisticated in comparison. This obvious underdevelopment of the NonWhite world has enticed plenty of White/Europeans, for centuries, to give their time and treasure to aggressively civilize (dress them up, give them a language to speak and write, teach them how to build, explain to them the basics of government, etc), all to no avail. We have attempted this either by outright conquest or by "charity" (both being divergent forms of imperialism). Of course, this attempt to "civilize" is not only paternalistic and arrogant, it is also an obvious waste of time. Said colonial sentiments are transparently wasteful and even "immoral" (from an egalitarian perspective) because they admit a sense of superior obligation to impose our concept of morality and civilization on those who simply are not built for it.

These feelings of 'guilty power' only spring from cultures who have too much free time to interpret their existence as a "magical gift" somehow detached from the struggle that brought it forth. In other words, those who feel guilty over their racial success do so because they are dramatically disconnected from the laborious and risky business of building anything worthwhile.

To the poor simpleton Blacks, our mirrors and shiny buckles were enough to encourage thousands of them to metaphorically jump into our ships and abandon their natural habitat. As we can all tell, this act by Blacks has absolutely destroyed their identity and tarnished whatever dignity they originally may have had in their primal state.

Roman Warrior
As history teaches us, once the founding culture of a civilization forgets the reasons why it began and thrived, it will die.

What is the basic reality of all great civilizations?

It isn't an "ideal" nor a "principle" per se. Founding principles can theoretically remain within a civilization and still fail when the true founding elements are gone. What truly matters is both the specific race of people who founded said culture and the bellicose nature which gave them the vitality to create it. In very simple terms, it is the sword and he who wields it that defines a civilization. The moment the sword is sheathed and he who must wield it disappears (via miscegenation, integration, or any other ethnic displacement) then said culture can be declared dead. 

Norse Warrior
It is therefore the willingness to continuously fight, to see reality as a constant struggle to exist, dominate, and extend your presence beyond the grave, through your particular progeny (racism/racialism), which in turn is the only possible element that can sustain a culture and keep it healthy. White people, in perpetual awareness of the discomforts of natural reality, are the only ones that can create civilizations (at least how they are defined historically).

What role does "morality" or "values" play in all of this? 

Morality and values are clearly dependent on the people, culture, and historic placement of those who advocate them. Sometimes, values and morality can be suicidal (which I would thus call bad) or they can be a method to extend and protect the founding culture (which I would thus call good). Some cultures, when founding a new civilization, may already hold that certain types of killing are acceptable, or that certain types of sexual behavior are counterproductive to their scheme of things, or that certain foods are good or bad, or certain music (or no music!), the list is quite endless. But, like I mentioned, even when some of these moral boundaries may end up helping or hurting the particular culture in question, as long as the people remain homogenous and continue to hold the sword of power and violence against all of their enemies, they will be successful until a stronger group finds a way to destroy them (in any way possible). This is why plenty of "degenerate" or "barbarian" cultures in the past survived for a long time irrespective of how their values are judged by modern standards. If their main value was war and racism, they survived longer than any other culture we may deem to be highly moralistic. If their morality is meant to impose racial cohesiveness, or respect the leadership principle for the sake of martial strength, then said morality will function for survival. 
Slavic Warrior

If a savvy culture wishes to keep their civilization alive for a very long time, they will merge their morality, myths, and every single ancillary element within their society into the racial and warlike objectives of their ancestors. They will be xenophobic (distrustful of strangers), desirous of conquest and power, obsessive in their martial culture, and ritualistic in their power structure (primitive monarchy being a good example). They will basically use morality as a tool to convert a small people into a civilization that will pierce the veil of history into eternity. Rome, Sparta, Ancient Egypt, and many others after them, exemplify this dynamic very well. Their morality varied, their gods as well, but their core thrust was almost identical, at least in their golden years, before they lost this particular energy and died very shameful deaths. We are not talking here about a sanitized conceptual death, or an impersonal historic death, this is literally the physical end of the people and their progeny.

How do you convince a racist warrior to give up his weapons, earned privileges, and hand over their civilization to usurping and pathetically inferior strangers?

You offer them the illusion of comfort. 

Spartan Warrior
Spartan civilization has always been utilized as a great example of an austere, courageous, and powerful culture. I have always believed that high levels of laconophilia are necessary for a healthy White/European advocate today, as most philosophers of ancient times were also influenced by their culture and hierarchical system. Cultures of this type can be either conquered directly or slowly with the introduction of mercantilistic values like  relaxation, entertainment, and the sedentary lifestyle that unfortunately always grows out of success. If a culture doesn't advocate a certain level of social discomfort and pressure on the younger generation, they will grow soft and weak, eventually leading them to breed more of their pathetic kind, creating an nation of wimpy men who only desire merriment, and women who must assume masculine roles to somehow make up the deficiency. These type of men have always given over the keys of their city to invaders in the naive hopes of getting spared (though justly finding their family's tortured bodies in a ditch for their "service").

Spartans were notorious for throwing their deformed and/or weak looking infants from a cliff to die (old school eugenics), today we treat deformed freaks as "special". Spartans used to take young males away into harsh military training, today we send them to "fat camp" (if they allow it). Spartan mothers and wives used to tell their men "either with your shield or on your shield" (i.e. either victory or death), today they will sue anybody who hurts their feelings at work. 

Celtic Warrior
This process of slowly weakening our culture, a clever and patient strategem by our most successful racial enemies (today called Jews), has been going on for centuries and its whole aim is to have the offspring of every single worthwhile EuroAryan civilization on this earth give up their swords and then give up their genes. You are witnessing our conquest by a parasitical and cowardly people, who utilize our own success and technology against us. Entertainment is the key to their strategy, which explains why they choose to monopolize it in every single country they inhabit. The whole aim of these locusts is to swarm us with movies, shows, comics, fiction paperbacks, websites, games, gadgets, clothing, sexuality, music, concerts, sports, and every other distracting element possible to keep us away from realizing how weak we have become. They have achieved separating us so much from our ancestors, that if they saw us today they would probably behead us and spit on our graves. We have shamed our ancestors and we are now shaming our progeny. The reason most White people feel lost in this world is because we are not the same race anymore and we all know it. Basically, most of us today are the weak babies they should have thrown down the cliff. 

Do we still have it in us?

Iberian Warrior
In all honesty, most don't. This is where those who at the very least believe should own up to our past must take command of the situation and clean up this mess on behalf of our dignity. The truth is that deep in our hearts the strength of our ancestors is beaming a dim but consistent light. Deep down, we are embarrassed by our love for the 'mirrors' and 'buckles' that they are selling us today to displace us out of existence. C.G. Jung discussed this fact in many of his works, including the famous Wotan essay, and his objective was to proclaim the rebirth of our ancient warrior archetypes. Within us, the spark of the strong, stoic, Spartan, Roman, Celt, Saxon, Goth, Iberian/Hispanic, Slavic, Norse, Teutonic, Macedonian warrior culture wishes to break free of consumerism and the stupefying sleep it has enslaved us with. We MUST step away from any cultural product that does not enhance our martial virtue, our racial exclusiveness and our violent discipline. If we must entertain ourselves, it must involve racialism, militancy, and the shunning of weakness.

Batavian/German Warrior
The EuroAryan people of this planet have to rediscover their inner barbarian. We need to abandon our pastoral passivity and banish any ideology which encourages us to relinquish ourselves to the will of an external/internal immovable force who will either save us or doom us. Our survival is in our grasp and there is simply no other reality than the will to power. We have to study our past civilizations and seek to recapture their founding spirit, before they betrayed themselves with comforting fantasies. Once we have firmly inspired ourselves and captured said impulse within our hearts, we must aim to surpass them in every way. We must advocate the aggressive acquisition of a new martial spirit which won't simply emulate our past but that will be held in awe by the world to come. Only then will we survive and conquer our destiny.